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The Butterfly Diva is Back and Hot!

Age is just a number baby.

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Diva Alert: Nicki Minaj

Here’s the real question.. when she’s serving you a verbal lashing.. do you think it’s all lyrical and poetic cursing or just your run of the mill sailor variety? However she dished it, Nicki Minaj has officially been branded a “temperamental diva” following an alleged outburst against her beautician, Dawn DaLuise after having her eyebrows […]

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Video: Madonna’s Anti-Hydrangea Diva Behavior

Apparently, Madonna doesn’t like Hydrangeas.  In fact, she “loathes” them.  We all found out about her distaste for the flower when a fan handed her a beautiful bouquet of them before a press conference in Italy.  She thanks the man who hands her the flowers.  Then she shoots a look to the person next to […]