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The World’s Fattest Wiener Dog

Meet The World’s Fattest Wiener Dog: Obie is a 70-pound five-year-old dachshund Obie’s new owner is on a mission to get him back to wiener thin. See how you can support Obie’s weight loss: Check out this beautiful fat Wiener

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VOD: Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts

Video of the Day: What do Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts have in common??? Checkout this dog who’s terrified of JR and this baby who’s in love with BP: [youtube]RtT9X4eT_Ss[/youtube] I’m not sure what’s more entertaining in this one, the dog or the owners…enjoy! [youtube]aL6GgbafGTY[/youtube]

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VIDEOS OF THE DAY: A puppy, a sloth, and an otter

What’s cooler than your average dog who plays a mean game of fetch?  A dog who catches. [youtube]Z725kzkp7d8[/youtube] A three toed sloth trying to cross the road… And you thought old ladies took forever… [youtube]ES32UFlPOUA[/youtube] Hey Mr. Otter… pick on someone your own size! [youtube]oF9QjAomzeI[/youtube] (But seriously… I want a pet otter… like… bad.)

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VIDEO #2 OF THE DAY: Talking dog gets teased

This. Is. SO. GOOD!!! I thought our talking babies was good but now I’m second guessing it. [youtube]nGeKSiCQkPw[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Make sure to pick up your dog’s poop, or else…

When this lady didn’t wanna pick up her dog’s poop, the man decided to take it into his own hands… literally. [youtube]bJQHyxCjB2k[/youtube]