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The Official Oscars Drinking Game

The biggest night in the movie industry is tomorrow.  Be sure to catch the The Academy Awards starting at 6 PM on ABC.  Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea?  Well there is a drinking game for this event!  Beware this is a four hour ceremony, and could do some heavy damage if you’re not […]

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Can You Fit This Over Your Head?

A lot of us have played ridiculous games, let alone the ones we play while we’re drinking. A 26-year-old British lad takes the cake for dumbest drinking incident. While playing a game they like to call, “can you fit this object over your head,” the young man got a toilet seat stuck on his upper […]

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Hurricane Irene Drinking Game

DISCLAIMER: The legal drinking age in Texas is 21. Candy 95 does not condone underage drinking. There’s a hurricane going on in the East Coast, but don’t feel left out. Show you care with the Hurricane Irene Drinking Game. It’s super easy and should, if your facebook friends are as annoyingly opinionated about things that don’t […]