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Video: Epic “Wide Awake” Dubstep Mix

Who knew Katy Perry could sound so amazing in dubstep?  Jimmylee for The Studio Cloud perfected this mix of “Wide Awake”.  I’ve listened to dozens of dubstep remixes and this may take the cake.  Well done sir!  #LifeSoundsBetterInDubstep -Krash


Video: Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep!

One of the most popular videos over the weekend on Youtube was this one put together by a dancer who calls himself “Nonstop.”  He’s Dubstepping to a remix of “Pumped Up Kicks” and it’s almost unbelievable.  He doesn’t even look human when he’s dancing!

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Super Mario In Dubstep?

Video game nerds where are you?  Remember the intense tracks Mario had when he went to Bowser’s castle?  Check this one out from Super Mario World  in DUBSTEP.  It sounds freaking amazing, let your inner nerd come out! -Krash