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Your Favorite Hits In Metal

These guys are BEAST guitar players and they are remastering a lot of our favorite hits.  If you like to jam to some heavy hitting guitars you will love what you hear below! “Black And Yellow” Wiz Khalifa *Note* Explicit Version [youtube]whxoXFIIO9A[/youtube] “ET” Katy Perry [youtube]gDBMc1rNElI[/youtube] “Friday” Rebecca Black  (Yes they went there!) [youtube]jz28rOzpFjQ[/youtube] Be […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Katy Perry ft. Kanye West- ET

There has been a lot of build up for this video, and it finally debuted! Check out the out of this world video that clearly brought Katy and Kanye’s creativity to the drawing board in a crazy way. [youtube]t5Sd5c4o9UM[/youtube] To check out all of the hottest music videos, click here!

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Katy Perry Is No Longer Human

Check out Katy’s new look for her E.T. vid debuting March 31! Hot or Not?  I wonder if her body is still in human form?  Okay Okay behave Krash!  Check out the vid on how to do it yourself!  I’m sure it will only cost you a couple bills to do it right (hundreds that is). […]

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ET: The Sequel trailer!

OMG! There’s another ET movie coming out! Check out the extended trailer!: [youtube]fMW3W-G43gI[/youtube] Okay, so that’s not a real movie that’s coming out. [Thank goodness. They should NEVER remake it.] They took a bunch of clips from a TON of different movies! BUT, it’s pretty good, right?!