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I’m Not Crazy! My “EX-Best Friend” Tried to Ruin My Wedding.

Janelle’s wedding was a mess because of her nasty ex-friend and wants closer with it. check her email below… Hi Jeremy. Thanks for letting people open up about their issues on the air. I’m not sure why I was shocked when a girl I had known for 28 years tried to sabotage my wedding. But […]

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Dentist Removes All Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth After He Dumped Her For Another Woman

PHOTO: Mohamad Itani/Getty Images 45-year-old Marek Olszewski of Poland dumped his girlfriend, a 34-year-old dentist named Anna Mackowiak, for another woman. –A few days later, despite the fact that there are PLENTY of other dentists in Poland, Marek kept his appointment for oral surgery with Anna. –So Marek went under anesthesia, and Anna started the […]

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20 Signs He’s Not Over His Ex

Have you heard “don’t date a guy who’s just broken up with someone.” No one wants to be the rebound! 1) He still lists his relationship status as “In a relationship” or “It’s complicated” on Facebook. 2) Her picture is everywhere — including his computer screen saver.  3) He compares her to you, and not always […]

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What Do Your Intimate Dreams Mean?

So you probably have occasional dreams about getting it on right?  I don’t need details of what getting it on is for you… and probably don’t want them!  Sometimes it’s with a hottie from class and sometimes it’s somebody you cannot stand.  It is confusing at times why certain people may be places in these […]