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Facebook Creeper Gone Too Far…

We need to make sure whoever it is we talk to on Facebook ISN’T Crazy! Unless, it’s that aunt we all have. Check out the email I got below. Ariel could definitely use some help! Jeremy, A man named Barry added me on Facebook almost a year ago. I didn’t know him, he found me […]

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Stars Who Are More Popular Than Facebook!?

These lucky stars rack more hits than Facebook as a whole!

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Cancer survivor’s inspirational mastectomy photos BANNED by Facebook for being ‘pornographic’

[FROM DAILY MAIL] “Mother-of-two Joanne Jackson, 40, had a photo session to commemorate winning her battle with the killer disease after having a mastectomy – and posted them on the social networking site. But Facebook removed some of the images, which revealed her operation scar, for being offensive.”   SEE THE STORY AND PICTURES : […]

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If Facebook Was Around In The 90s

I’ve heard from all sorts of people, conflicting opinions, on how life would have been if we were using “facebook” in the 90’s. It would NOT have been the same by any strech on the imagination. I think dial-up would have killed facebook… the same way Tom Anderson killed Myspace. See what I mean below: […]

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Songs You Listen to when You Begin or End a Relationship.

We provide Facebook with a ridiculous amount of information . . . our relationship status, what songs we’re listening to, what our ‘likes’ are, where we are, and what last night’s dinner looked like. Naturally, Facebook is probably using some of this info for EVIL, but it’s not all bad. Sometimes they use it for […]