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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Anderson Coopers LOSES IT live on air!

If you haven’t heard about “the peeing incident” this week, Anderson Cooper can explain it to you… and then he can laugh hysterically at all of his own puns. All live on his show. If you don’t laugh along with this, you’re dumb. Yeah, I said it. “That made me giggle every time I read […]

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VIDEO: Kanye West falls down hard on stage

We always thought Kanye could do no wrong… especially when it came to performing. (Okay… there’s some sarcasm in that statement….) But he did! Last week, he randomly stumbled and fell to the ground while on stage! What the heck made him fall?! Who knows… but at least he got back up and tried again….

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J.Lo’s audio cuts out at Wango Tango

Over the weekend, KIIS in LA put on their Wango Tango concert. Jennifer Lopez was one of the performers, but had a pretty epic technical malfunction on stage. Mid-“On the Floor,” her sound cut out. She tried to keep going, and eventually stopped exclaiming that no one could bring her down! Check out two point […]

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VIDEO #2 OF THE DAY: Swan dive FAIL.

Oh this is good. Just watch it. [youtube]heSwlKEh3KU[/youtube]

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WATCH: Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem FAIL

Did you notice Christina Aguilera’s epic mess-up last night during the Super Bowl’s National Anthem? At about :42 in the video, she left out “O’er the ramparts we watched” and instead sang “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last [who know what she said].” Of course they cut to the players and soldiers […]