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Website That Offers Phony Positive Pregnancy Tests And Then Some

From From silicone bellies to fake DNA tests, has almost every facet of “but I made up my mind, I’m keeping my baby” covered. A good man is hard to find — so trap the one you last slurped inside a bathroom stall at Burger King! The next time your sponsor threatens to leave you, shove a phony positive […]

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Celeb Relationships are Fake!

In reference to the latest Katy Perry/John Mayer date sighting, Listener Andrew sent me email with his open letter on famous people’s relationships with other famous people. I believe there is some truth to it. I have a theory: no celebrity relationships are actually real. All relationships are orchestrated by talent agents and lawyers according to the […]


Woolly Mammoths Are Alive??

A living Woolly Mammoth was captured On video. No, not your old lunch lady you call a Woolly Mammoth… Like the prehistoric animal! Think Ice Age. Real or not (which I don’t believe it is), the large elephant-like-creature is on video crossing a river in Siberia. CLICK THE LINK TO SEE THIS THING ON CAMERA: […]