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MINDBLOWING: “Call Me Maybe” / “Gangnam Style” mash-up?

Yes, you read correctly. The Songstress of the summer meets the K-pop ruler of the fall – Carly Rae Jepsen with PSY. Some dude with soundcloud username: xaeroseven has created this monster. Prepare yourself. I give you, “Call Me Gangnam!” SOURCE

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VIDEO: Kanye West falls down hard on stage

We always thought Kanye could do no wrong… especially when it came to performing. (Okay… there’s some sarcasm in that statement….) But he did! Last week, he randomly stumbled and fell to the ground while on stage! What the heck made him fall?! Who knows… but at least he got back up and tried again….

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VIDEO: Rihanna falls hard on stage

Rihanna was performing in Edmonton Saturday night when she suddenly tripped over her own feet. Call us crazy, but something tells us she wasn’t really singing during that fall….


Lady Gaga falls on the Houston stage

WOW! We knew Lady GaGa would put on a good show in Houston, but we didn’t know it would be one the nation was talking about! While performing on her piano, she took a pretty hard fall! It didn’t stop her, though.. She got right back up and kept going! [youtube]R7RPxUlT84A[/youtube]