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Watch: Discover “Femme Fatale Tour” set with Britney!

Britney got a sneak peek of the set for her upcoming “Femme Fatle” summer tour.  She took us along for the tour of the set and it looks pretty amazing.  I think it’s safe to say this is going to be one heck of a production!  Let’s just hope Britney’s been practicing her dance moves… […]


Britney announces tour & Performs on GMA

Happy Femme Fatale Day! This morning kicked off with Britney Spears taking over Good Morning America and making a big, anticipated announcement! Check out some of the performances from the show: [youtube]Z9xaoH-eHpI[/youtube] [youtube]W1n2Aa6T_nU[/youtube] She’s definitely not dancing to the best of her old-ability, nor is she singing, but she sure can whip that hair back […]

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Britney mixes to celebrate Femme Fatale Day!

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I seriously woke up at 5:30, tossed and turned til 6:45, and decided to get up and start celebrating the day. What day?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! It’s the release of Britney’s new album- “Femme Fatale.” In order to celebrate [besides getting the album this morning, duh], I’ve been […]

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Britney’s performance-packed weekend

With Britney’s album being released tomorrow, she had a weekend full of promo and performances on the West Coast. With a performance for a Good Morning America special in San Francisco and a “surprise” performance in Vegas for MTV, it was like Britney was back to her old self, taking over the world. Before the […]

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Previews of Britney’s new album!

Britney’s becoming QUITE the tease lately! With her “Hold It Against Me” video out, she’s still tweeting out the teasers. Now- She’s tweeting out clips of her Femme Fatale album!! Check out the songs below and let us know what you think! “I Wanna Go” “Inside Out” “Seal It With a Kiss” The Big Fat […]