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Tim Tebow To “Die Hard”?!?!?!

Several football players have starred in movies before, and the latest name to be circulated is Tim Tebow’s. Studio executive, Tim Rothman, discussed the latest installment of the “Die Hard”  franchise with Jim Rome, commenting that he’d like to see the Denver Bronco cast as the son of John McClane (played by Bruce Willis). The […]

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Yo everyone you gotta check this guy out, he is Johnny McEntee quarterback of UConn.  I want to know how many takes and hours of filming this took!  There is no way Johnny made these throws in one try, or else I’d call BS.  Regardless this is absolute BEAST, if you like sports a definite […]

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Lil Wayne’s “Green and Yellow” freestyle

Not only will this Sunday be a battle of the football players, coaches, fans, and colors, it’ll also be a battle of the rappers and their songs. Wiz Khalifa supports the Steelers with “Black and Yellow” as you know, but now Lil Wayne has stepped up and remixed it for the Packers. [youtube][/youtube] Because I’m […]

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VIDEO #2 OF THE DAY: Little girl cries because the Bears lost

Apparently this girl is up past her bedtime… or she just really, really hates her dad’s favorite team, the Packers. [youtube]9y2gPm9RuYo[/youtube] “THE PACKERS ARE HORRENDOUS” Dang girl. Chillllll.

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#WouldYouRather: Be last or runner up?

Watching the Jets’ loss last night broke my heart. Poor Rex Ryan. He wanted the Super Bowl BAD. So… what’s worse? Making it ALMOST all the way but “almost doesn’t count,” or being dead last? If they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, would they be better off dead last with a good draft […]