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Frito’s Long Lost Twin?

Since I have been a proud member of Candy 95 starting in August one thing has bugged me.  Our fabulous morning show host Frito has always strongly resembled someone in my mind but I just could not place who.  The other day it FINALLY hit me!  Scooter Ward is Frito’s long lost brother.  Who is […]

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Making it Rain

Starred in today’s “Reason to Party” video for the web department. It gave me the chance to live the dream of “making it rain”. [youtube][/youtube] Seriously, the most fun I had all day. I totally get the appeal now. Also, it helps when it’s not your money.

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Top Ten American Idol Sob Stories

American Idol is one of the best show’s around at this. Besides Extreme Home Makeover there are few shows that can take you to tears from out of NOWHERE! It’s resulted in some both magical and EXTREMELY compelling television over the years. Alli and I found this list of the 10 Biggest Sob Stories in […]