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GLEE Sneak Peak! They sing “Yeah!”

For the season finale, we know they’ll be singing some originals, but thanks to MTV News, we also know Usher’s “Yeah!” will be sang! BUT… it won’t be our McKinley High faves singing the hit, it’ll be an all girl rival group! MTV Shows It’s definitely VERY good, but will it be good enough to […]


Glee Star Chops Her Locks

Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn Fabray on Glee has a new look!  She chopped off her signature long blonde hair.  She posted a video of the whole experience on her tumblr account.  Dianna captlions the video as a “remedy to a seven year itch.”  Guess she was ready for a change.  Watch the video and […]

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Watch: “Rolling in the Deep” and “Friday” on Glee!

On last night’s “Prom Queen” episode, the Glee cast put their own unique spin on a couple songs that have been VERY popular lately. Here’s Rachel and Jesse’s version of Adelle’s Rolling in the Deep: And did Glee just make me actually like Rebbecca Black’s “Friday”???  I thought this song was completely over…but the guys […]

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Glee extra posts plot spoiler!

A regular Glee extra has been fired for revealing a major plot spoiler on Twitter.   Nicole Crowther, who has appeared on the show in several scenes as a background high school student, was answering questions from followers about the episode when she revealed the prom king and queen’s identity.  Click here to read spoiler!   After the […]


Glee: and the Prom Queen is…

Glee extra Nicole Crowther revealed a major plot spoiler via Twitter.  Nicole tweeted, “K is PQ and Ka is PK…” Fans have deciphered this cryptic message to mean…. Kurt (Chris Colfer) will be named Queen ….and his arch nemisis Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) is named Prom King