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PICS: J.K. Rowling’s Tree House Costs More Than Your House


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The Most Searched Person of 2011 is..

..and Barack Obama is no. 49.

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Harry Potter Behind-The-Scenes: Ron & Hermione’s first kiss

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ comes out on DVD and BluRay on November 11th.  So, to pump up the realease, the studio is releasing outtakes from the filming.  Check out Emma Watson and Rupert Grint shooting the “First Kiss” scene!

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Video: How Your Favorite Movies SHOULD Have Ended

I just found this YouTube Channel “How It Shoudl Have Ended” and I have NOT been able to stop watching all morning!  Quick cartoon versions of movies with EVEN BETTER endings?  Yes, please! Oh…but spoiler alert if you haven’t seen any of these movies…Enjoy! The newest release is Harry Potter: A couple other that I […]

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Alcohol + Harry Potter!?

The Potter nerds are at it again!  This time they have come up with 20 elaborate alcoholic beverages for your Harry Potter themed get together.  Nothin’ like getting plastered watching Potter right?  Eh.. maybe not my personal cup of tea, but I’d like to try some of these drinks! How about a “Avada Kedavra”. Ingredients: […]