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VIDEO: Entourage’s Final Season 8 trailer

Calling all Entourage fans! It’s almost time for the FINAL season! (Tear!) Only 8 episodes, then hopefully a movie, and a lot of questions to be answered. Vinny’s out of rehab, but what’s going to happen? Ari’s marriage- will it be fixed? What about “Johnny Bananas?” Things don’t look so good for Ari and Eric, […]

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“There is a new covent in town” has been the dominate slogan leading up to the recent episode of True Blood and it more than lives up to it. The witches from last week seek to make a power move as they attempt to raise a human being from the dead. This is a threat […]

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Sneak peek of Lady GaGa’s HBO special

Lady GaGa’s Madison Square Gardens show was recorded for a special to air on HBO on May 7. Today, we’re getting the first look at what’s to come in this sure-to-be-emotional documentary. [youtube]IyeLLEj0_pM[/youtube] “Sometimes I still feel like a loser. I feel like they’re trying to destroy me. I can not be destroyed. I will […]