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Nicki Minaj’s Dream Finally Realized

..Take that Heidi Montag.


Stars With No Talent

Fox News created a list of stars with no talent.. though it probably would have been easier to list the few with talent. ┬áHere are the top contenders brought to you by reality tv, Ryan Seacrest, and rich dads.   1. Kardashians: -The only thing they’re good at is staying in the spotlight. 2. Paris […]

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Washed up reality stars get another chance with new show

Heidi Montag has been looking for another show to be on for years now, and she’s finally got it… along with other former reality fame whores peeps. She’ll be joining ex-Bachelor Jake Pavelka and ex-Housewife Danielle Staub on a new show called “Famous Foods” that will be airing on VH1 this fall. They’ll compete for […]

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Heidi and Spencer premiere new songs

Oh it must be the world’s lucky day! Speidi is giving us not one, but TWO songs to listen to today! Apparently Heidi Montag wasn’t done with music after her “album” did worse than flop. As for Spencer- he’s the next big white rapper, didn’t ya know? He recorded this song about chicken a year […]