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30 second SNEAK PEEK of “Hold It Against Me!”

ONE DAY until the premiere of “Hold It Against Me” on MTV! It’s going down TOMORROW NIGHT [Thursday] at 8:56!! Set your alarms! [Or check it out right here after the premiere!] Without further ado, today’s big tease: [youtube][/youtube] ::EDIT:: EVEN BETTER! MTV posted this 30 second sneak peek of the video! Will we be […]

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TWO DAYS until Hold It Aganst Me!

After today, only ONE MORE TEASE until THE REAL THING! OMG. [youtube][/youtube] Apparently BritBrit saw “another cut” of it last night and likes it… Will it really be done by Thursday?! I don’t think they have a choice!

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More teaser videos from Britney!

Britney isn’t letting up with her teasing us! Here are the latest teaser videos for “Hold It Against Me,” premiering on MTV on Thursday night! [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] You’d think after all these videos, we could piece them together and assume what the video will be like, but I’m still trying to guess, and […]

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ONE WEEK til “Hold It Against Me!”

ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT!!!! [youtube][/youtube] They seem to really like that microphone wreath…

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8 Days til “Hold It Against Me!”

Another teaser video from Britney! Fortunately, this one is longer than 3 seconds! YAY! [youtube][/youtube] Also!! There’s a SECRET image she embedded into the video as a quick flash! Did you spot this at the :07 mark?!