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New stars on the Walk of Fame in 2012!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame announced the lucky winners of STARS in 2012 today! Here’s the full list of the people you could be walking all over the next time you’re in Cali: MOVIES Jennifer Aniston Vin Diesel Scarlett Johansson John Lasseter Malcolm McDowell Sumner Redstone Kate Winslet Richard Burton (posthumous) TV Valerie Bertinelli Matt […]


Tim Halperin: AMERICAN IDOL TOP 24

It’s official! Our Piano Bar guy Tim Haplerin is in the TOP 24!!! [youtube][/youtube] On Tuesday, he’ll compete with the 11 other guys, so be ready to grab your phones and VOTE FOR OUR GUY! We’re going to celebrate by playing some of his MC Piano Bar performances on the show today. Obviously we don’t […]

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Top Earners in Hollywood – 2011

“Vanity Fair” has put out a list of Hollywood’s Top 40 Earners for the past year.   The list was limited to creative types, like actors, directors and producers, basically.  And they only counted revenue from FILM work.  No TV money or endorsement revenues.   Here’s the Top 10: #1.)  James Cameron,  $257 million #2.)  Johnny Depp,  […]