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Charlie Sheen is 100% on board to judge the next season of Idol!

You’re either in Sheen’s corner, or you’re with the trolls.


Watch: Scotty McCreery w/Josh Turner

This is just awesome!  If you’ve watched at least 5 seconds of Idol this season, you know that Scotty McCreery’s favorite song to sing is “Your Man” by Josh Turner.  It’s the song that got him through the audition phase a couple times.  Well, during his home visit over the weekend, Josh surpised Scotty by […]

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Idol Top 9: Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

  Am I crazy, or was this the BEST episode of American Idol maybe ever???  Everyone did such a fantastic job last night, that I had to include videos of everyone’s performances (below).  From song choice to performance, I didn’t think that there was a clunker in the group.  It helped that the theme was […]

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Idol: Hollywood Round 4

It’s getting REAL on American Idol.  This is the time when we’re not necessarily weeding out the contestants that are wasting our time, but we’re really having to say goodby to contestants that have some real talent.  In a heart-wrenching moment, Jennifer Lopez had to deliver the news to Chris Medina that he did not […]

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American Idol: Group Performances

The most dramatic episode of every season of American Idol revolves around the infamous GROUP PERFORMANCES. Last night’s episode didn’t bring out the crazy like some of the recent seasons, but there was plenty of drama! Let’s start out with Ashley Sullivan.  The mixture of pressure from preparing choregoraphy, learning lyrics, and being surrounded by […]