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Video: Incredible Justin Bieber “Baby” Wedding Dance!

We’ve seen a lot of wedding dances throughout the years.  This may the most awesome one of all.  Brian, recently married, decided to surprise his wife with a choreographed dance to Justin Bieber‘s “Baby”.  Brian along with his groomsmen performed acrobats, vocals, rapping, break dancing, and more.  This is a must see! -Krash

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Justin Bieber Doesn’t Want to Rap

And to that we thank you! – the American population

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VIDEOS: Times Square New Years Eve Performances!

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Carlos Santana, and Pitbull all took the stage last night in Times Square.

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Celebs with “Busey-Mouth”

A handful of celebrities in Hollywood have come down with a serious case of “Busey-Mouth.” See the gallery inside for all the gory details.

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The Most Searched Person of 2011 is..

..and Barack Obama is no. 49.