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MUSIC VIDEO: Kris Jenner’s “I Love My Friends”

..Why yes, that IS OJ Simpson.


Stars With No Talent

Fox News created a list of stars with no talent.. though it probably would have been easier to list the few with talent. ┬áHere are the top contenders brought to you by reality tv, Ryan Seacrest, and rich dads.   1. Kardashians: -The only thing they’re good at is staying in the spotlight. 2. Paris […]

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The Kardashian Lip-dub Katy Perry

Normally I wouldn’t post something simple from the Kardashians because, well, duh- they’re famous for nothing. They got together and did this silly, simple little lip-dub that totally caught my attention, though. If anything, it shows that they are just a normal family that genuinely enjoys each other’s company, and I like that. The quality […]