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Idol: Goodbye Karen…

The judges chose not to use their one and only Save of the season on Karen Rodriguez last night.  Karen received the fewest votes for her sadly forgettable rendition of Taylor Dane’s “Love Will Lead You Back.”  Apparently, the judges’ decision was NOT unanimous.  I assume JLo was the judge wanting to save Karen, as […]

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Idol: Ashthon Gets the Boot…

The Top 13 gave it all they got on Wednesday night…well, most of them at least.  Karen Rodriguez and Ashthon Jones delivered sub-par performances and it landed them in the bottom three, along with Haley Reinhart.  Ryan revealed that it was indeed Ashton who got the fewest votes.  She “sang for her life”, but the […]

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American Idol: Top 12 Girls

The girls showed the guys how it was done on last night’s performance episode!  I am so impressed by this group!  There were only a couple clunkers in the bunch.  I have  feeling we’ll be saying goodbye to Rachel Zevita and Ta-Tynisa Wilson for sure.  While they both have good voices, their song choice and […]