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PIC: Best Beach Body of All Time?

According to the Brits, that is the best beach body a woman could have. Thoughts?


The Ultimate Woman?

My, she bears a striking resemblance to..

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America’s Favorite Celebs

America has spoken. According to a new Reuters poll, here are the most trusted celebs.   Betty White Denzel Washington Sandra Bullock Clint Eastwood Tom Hanks Harrison Ford  Morgan Freeman Kate Middleton Will Smith Johnny Depp Not faring so well in public opinion: Paris Hilton Charlie Sheen Britney Spears Kanye West Arnold Schwarzenegger Tiger Woods […]

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William & Kate adopt a penguin

Ok….so it’s not the crown that I’m jealous of anymore.  Now I want to be a royal so that I can have a baby penguin! Prince William and Kate Middleton have adopted their new friend named Acorn.  The Chester Zoo gave the new Duke and Duchess a 12-month adoption of the endangered Humboldt penguin for […]

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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

I’m pretty sure this is the ONLY thing that people really care about when it comes to the Royal Wedding.  So here’s Kate’s dress! [polldaddy poll=4988611]