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10 Things Kids Today Never Have To Worry About

Kids today live in a world that requires less and less of them. A majority of the things we use to deal with are easily accessible. I may even go as far as to say thinking is obsolete. Kids will never have to think about… 1. Texting Full Words 2. Missing TV Episodes 3. Overcrowded […]

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VIDEO: I’m Elmo and I Know It

I make art.


Don’t You Love Cute Kid Videos?!?!

Who doesn’t love the cute kid videos on YouTube?!?! Here’s 2 of the cutest I found recently…prepare yourself on the Disney one…you might want a box of Kleenex nearby. [youtube]ZbV5hn_ET0U[/youtube] [youtube]OOpOhlGiRTM[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: 9 year old girl sings Johnny Cash

If there’s going to be a talented 9 year old little girl, it’s this chica. Watch her sing “Folsom Prison Blues” [youtube]EHnKSj1fxQA[/youtube]


VIDEO OF THE DAY: Little kid performs “Glee” song/dance

OMG. I’m no Gleek, but I do love kids. And I love that this kid has all the moves and words down without cheating!!! [youtube]bxuWSXwR4Mc[/youtube] So should we just call off the “Glee Project” now and give it to this kid?!