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Dance Jam Of The Day 6-29-11

“Lovesong” By Jes -Krash

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Nicolas Is Out Of The Cage

Nicolas Cage ended up behind bars early Saturday morning for some pretty silly reasons.  He was picked up for public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, and worst of all domestic violence.  Allegedly Cage was screaming at his third wife violently on a New Orleans street.  But nobody fear!  In only eight hours Dog The Bounty Hunter […]

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Krashing Down Survivor Episode: 9

Episode 9: “The Buddy System” Episode nine may have been the biggest eye opener of any Redemption Island episode yet.  The one hour show would contain two immunity challenges, two tribal councils, and of course two more banished castaways. You’re Only As Good As Your Foundation Survivor a lot of times is summed up by […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 8

Episode 8: “This Game Respects Big Moves” Wow wow wo did this episode not go the way I expected!  Let the games begin!  The episode started off with the final duel (or so we thought) at redemption.  It was Sarita versus Matty in a standing endurance challenge.  If I ever got on the show I […]

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Charlie Sheen #LOSING

Charlie learned last night that stand-up comedy is not something one just acquires.  The man who thinks he is invincible finally caught a reality check in Detroit.  4,500 fans booed him clean off the stage in his debut comedy show at the Fox Theater.  Sheen has 20 more tour dates. Is it safe to say […]