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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 7

Episode 7: “It Don’t Take a Smart One” Episode seven did not offer much besides setting up storylines for the looming merge.  From what I can see the power players going into the merge have become to form.  They could either be quick pickens or they could take it to the end and win this […]

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Katy Perry Is No Longer Human

Check out Katy’s new look for her E.T. vid debuting March 31! Hot or Not?  I wonder if her body is still in human form?  Okay Okay behave Krash!  Check out the vid on how to do it yourself!  I’m sure it will only cost you a couple bills to do it right (hundreds that is). […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 6

Episode 6: “Their Red-headed Step Child” I know I know, the picture above of Phillip is DISGUSTING.  However I have to keep the pictures consistent with the show titles!  Much like the last episode, episode six did not have a ton to offer in terms of game changing sequences.  It was one of the most […]

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Want To Dance W/ Britney? Leave The Flask At Home

Apparently on Britney’s new video shoots there has been a new unique contract stipulation.  The backup dancers must all sign a contract agreeing that they will not supply Britney with drugs and alcohol.  Awesome! because we all know dancers should be drinking on the job anyhow.  Heck maybe it builds up stamina?  Perhaps like those […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 5

Episode 5: “We Hate Our Tribe” Episode five may have been the most predictable episode of the season so I won’t spend too much time analyzing it.  However, there is always something to be brought to the table in my strategy blog Picking Away At the beginning of the show we were treated to another […]