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Ke$ha’s Side Job?

Just give Ke$ha a pen and NEEDLE and she will make beautiful artwork on your skin.  This past weekend she tattoed a lucky fan on his foot!  I wonder how much people would be willing to pay to have Ke$ha tat them up!?  5k an inch wide? Check out the link here along with a […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 3

Episode 3: “Keep Hope Alive” I still hold to my word that I absolutely love this season of Survivor, however this episode left me furious.  I usually do not let television shows effect my every day life but this one was hard to swallow! Redemption Island The episode began after the departure of Matty from last […]

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Krash The Ghost Hunter?

So a group of my buddies and I went to this alleged haunted graveyard on Sunday night.  It is off of a road named “Demon Road” in Huntsville with many alleged ghost happenings and sightings  This place is public property and no trespassing was done don’t worry! =)  We found more than we bargained for […]

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Krash Interviews “the last place you look”

You may remember these guys from the Texas Talent article I posted a few weeks back.  Well their guitarist Derek was nice enough to call into the station do an interview with me!  Check it out, and be sure to check out the last place you look Friday night at Sky Bar.  They are the […]

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Charlie Sheen… The Writer!?

Sheen now without his sole source of income Two and a Half Men is looking for new career avenues.  I won’t even begin to speculate on exactly what he may need money for.  Reports are now in he is going to write a BOOK about his experiences with the show, and the abrupt downfall.  What a load […]