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Kanye West Calls Kim Kardashian a !@#$%

..What a catch!

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PICS: Kris Humphries’ New Girlfriend?!

“curve” ball

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Kim Kardashian’s final tears in K&KTNY finale

Khloe says “You got caught up in your fairytale. This just wasn’t your fairytale, and that’s O.K.”

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Kris Humphries suing Kim Kardashian?

And here she was thinking the pre-ordered Christmas cards were a big deal..

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Pics/Video: Kim Kardashian Got Married

The wedding to end all weddings FINALLY happened.  Congratulations to Kim Kardashian who got married to beau Kris Humphries on Saturday (8/20)!  The weddign reportedly cost $20million.  People Magazine paid $1.5million for the exclusive rights to the wedding day photos. [youtube]W370Zo3iz_Q&feature[/youtube] Of course, the shindig was loaded with all kinds of celebrity guests:  Demi Lovato, Eva […]