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PIC: Lady Gaga’s Film DEBUT

as a chameleon?

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PIC: Lady Gaga’s Perfume Ad – WEIRD AND BUSTED?

I guess I should say weird in terms of Gaga.. which should tell you how bizarre this picture is. It’s the first ad for her new perfume, “Fame.” She’s totally naked except for a few strategically placed men.. or I’m guessing “little monsters?” That’s fitting.. because it looks like she’s covered in those little demons […]

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Who Made ‘Forbes’ Highest Paid People Under 30?

It’s that time of year for the annual Forbes under 30 money earners!

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s New Song “Princess Die”

Why am I loved so much?

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Krash’s Links From The Weekend 6/16-6/17

Hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day weekend!  Here is what I’ve been Krashing on. Skrillex is my hero Lady Gaga goes ’40’s Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift duet in the works? Are you a MAC?  Then why aren’t you wearing this? Crickets have taken over B/CS As usual you can read these stories and […]