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QUOTABLE: Lady Gaga on Howard Stern and looking…PLAIN?!

Lady Gaga wearing a rather plain little black dress outfit?! SAY IT AIN’T SO! Apocalypse. Coming soon. Also in Gaga news, she joined Howard Stern yesterday and talked about drugs and sex of course: “I love you and I respect this show and I know you want to talk about sex and cocaine and all […]


Gaga Gets EGGED In Australia!

Apparently the Australian’s aren’t too fond of Gaga’s stage antics!  Wednesday she performed, “You and I” while in a wheel chair (pictured above) and had eggs pelted at her by various fans.  The eggs missed Gaga but nailed some members of her entourage.  Lady Gaga has used this wheel chair stunt off and on since […]

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Watch: Nick Jonas sings Gaga

Oh, so cute!  At a recent concert, Nick Jonas covered Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”  Of course, the girls in the audience went crazy for it.  But guess who else was a fan?…Mother Monster herself!  She tweeted, “Swoon! Nick Jonas singing The Edge of Glory… On my way to press conference in Taichung, listening to […]

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Watch: Gaga Panda

I guess we can add Lady Gaga to the endangered species list because she is now a Panda.  Lady Gaga dressed up as a Panda on a Japanese TV show recently.  They deemed her “GagaPanda.”  I could describe it to you, but it’s better just to watch: [youtube]6zKkSuMXn54&feature[/youtube]

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Lady Gaga is getting sued for scamming charity

A few months ago, Lady Gaga sold “We Pray for Japan” bracelets to all of her little monsters in order to raise money for her charity and send it over to Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. Now there’s a law firm that is claiming she didn’t donate all the money she made from the […]