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President Obama’s March Madness Bracket Revealed

Alley (presidential) oop!

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And the best show ever on MTV is…..

According to your votes for MTV Madness, the best show to EVER air on MTV is….. REAL WORLD! I probably should have known considering it’s been around FOREVER, this season is actually pretty great, and I’m sure my ever so intriguing and entertaining interviews with the cast have something to do with it. I personally […]

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I’m genuinely shocked about the results of this, but we have our final two of MTV Madness! ….And they have something in common! A lot in common, actually. Real World vs. RW/RR Challenges I thought it’d be funny if they battled each other in the end, but I never thought it would happen. Now it’s […]

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Vote on the Final Four of MTV MADNESS!

I’m SHOCKED by the way you voted for the Final Four! Every bracket needs a “Cinderella” I guess. The RW/RR Challenges beat out Jersey Shore! It’s time to find out who moves on to the finals! You have all weekend to vote! [polldaddy poll=4844725] [polldaddy poll=4844721]

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MTV MADNESS: The Elite 8

We have completed our Elite 8 for the best show to ever air on MTV as The Hills is outvoted by Jersey Shore! Now, let’s find out the winners of each conference, therefore going into our Final Four! [polldaddy poll=4817833] [polldaddy poll=4817841] [polldaddy poll=4817854] [polldaddy poll=4817857]