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MTV March Madness- Day 8!

After today it’s going to be getting down to the wire! TRL and Cribs beat out the competition over the weekend, now who will join them in the Elite 8 for the RealityTV region? I suspect this to be pretty close, considering these are the two biggest shows in MTV history. [polldaddy poll=4803306]   [polldaddy […]

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Friday’s MTV MADNESS polls!

Yesterday’s winners Undressed and Real World will be moving on to the Elite 8! Who will join them from the “CelebTV” conference? It’s up to you and the results have been REALLY CLOSE!!! Within 3% sometimes! So votevotevote! [polldaddy poll=4785959]   [polldaddy poll=4785968]

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MTV MADNESS Day 6! Vote for your shows!

Moving right along in our MTV Madness! Thanks to YOU and your votes! Yesterday’s match-up winners who are moving on to battle it out in the Elite 8 are America’s Best Dance Crew and Jackass. Who should move on from the “Old School” conference?   [polldaddy poll=4779976]   [polldaddy poll=4779984]  

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MTV Madness: Vote for the Elite Eight!

We officially have our Sweet 16 complete and it’s time to move on to the next round of voting! We’re going to do it by conference now! But before we get to the voting, check out all of the winning shows thus far!: Now, let’s get to it! Who will move on from the “Typical […]

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Day 4: Vote for MTV March Madness!

It’s the last day of round 1 of MTV March Madness! Yesterday’s winners were America’s Best Dance Crew, Daria, Cribs, and The Hills! Who will be the final four of the Sweet 16? Vote now! Typical MTV [polldaddy poll=4765641]   Old School [polldaddy poll=4765652]   CelebTV [polldaddy poll=4765657]   RealiTV [polldaddy poll=4765679] You have until […]