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VIDEO: Welcome to Megan Fox Island

Personally, I think these guys should be happy they can’t understand her…

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Hangover tattoo won’t be on the DVD

According to, Ed Helm’s Mike Tyson-esque tattoo won’t make it to the DVD version of the movie.  The guy who designed the tattoo has been throwing a fit ever since it was revealed the Ed Helm’s character Stew would have Tyson’s famous face tat in the movie.    Now the studio has filed documents in their […]

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Iron Mike In Sheen’s Corner?

Iron Mike Tyson decided to offer his input recently on the whole Charlie Sheen debacle, on Access Hollywood Live.  Mike says he wants to get in on that drug, “Charlie Sheen.”  He also exclaims that Sheen has, “emotional problems.”  I hope for the sake of survival those too never get together!  Oh be sure to […]