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VIDEO: Justin Bieber is endorsing a new prepaid debit card for kids

Your new financial adviser…

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Olympic Officials Allegedly Rang Up a $70,000 Restaurant Tab

This GIANT receipt, with its grand total of £44,660 — about $70,000 —was posted online with the headline “My friend’s a waiter and this is a receipt for an official lunch for 15 Olympic Bosses. Now we see where all the money’s going…” [From Gawker] based on the menu — which features, like the receipt, a £19,000 […]

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Average Costs For Prom At $1K!?

At hard times with the economy families are trying to save money right?  Apparently not for the high school ball known as prom.  According to a new report, the average family will spill $1,078 on that big day!  WOAH!  I definitely did not spend even half that.  Then again I don’t wear dresses.  Does this […]

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Who Was The Top Earning Artist Of 2011!?

She made more than Lady Gaga, Adele, and Katy Perry!

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Chris Brown & Bow Wow + Strippers?

Chris Brown and Bow Wow had a night on the town this past week involving a trip to a strip club.  This is pretty normal for some young single guys right?  Dropping $5,000 a piece in tips on three strippers… eh not so much.  Look I’m not one to judge, but that is a lot […]