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Bat Catching

I still think I was in the right here. No matter what…as a man there is NOTHING good that can come from going into the ladies room. Even if it IS to capture a bat. Listen to the discussion and see what you think.

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Funeral Fight Club

What started this conversation was that the rapper “Game” has to pay his cousin $50,000 in damages after he got in a fight at a funeral. Neither of us had ever seen any real drama at a funeral. We asked if any of you had. Phone lines and text lines EXPLODED! Apparently lots of you […]

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Top Ten American Idol Sob Stories

American Idol is one of the best show’s around at this. Besides Extreme Home Makeover there are few shows that can take you to tears from out of NOWHERE! It’s resulted in some both magical and EXTREMELY compelling television over the years. Alli and I found this list of the 10 Biggest Sob Stories in […]