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VIDEO: Luke Bryan Checked His Watch During National Anthem

He probably wants this night to end. (that’s a reference to his song)


5 year old gets standing ovation at Olsen Field

This little 5 year old girl, Mariah Quintana, sang the National Anthem at Olsen Field for the Texas A&M vs. Baylor game on Sunday and it was INCREDIBLE. [youtube]eNMnYxeQDlM[/youtube] The little girl can SING! Give her ten years, and I bet we’ll be playing her songs on the station and saying “Remember when she sang […]

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WATCH: Christina Aguilera’s National Anthem FAIL

Did you notice Christina Aguilera’s epic mess-up last night during the Super Bowl’s National Anthem? At about :42 in the video, she left out “O’er the ramparts we watched” and instead sang “what so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last [who know what she said].” Of course they cut to the players and soldiers […]