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NBA Lockout Over?

A bunch of millionaires and billionaires fight over $4.3 billion dollars. Raise that $10 beer. The NBA season starts December 25.. because that’s what Jesus would have wanted..

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Jason Kidd Raps!

Even though I’m a Houston guy, GO MAVS!! Here’s a classic song from Mavs point gaurd Jason Kidd. As you will hear, it’s from his first stint with the team during the mid 90s. [youtube]8HTNWYpemxI[/youtube] -Lane

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NBA Power Couples

In honor of Kris Humphries becoming engaged to Kim Kardashian, here are a few of the power couples of the NBA    Lamar Odom (LA Lakers) and Khloe Kardashian   Amare Stoudemire (NY Knicks) andCiara   Daniel Gibson (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Keyshia Cole   Carmelo Anthony (NY Knicks) and LaLa Vasquez   Shannon Brown (LA Lakers) and […]

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German Man Shows His Love of Dirk

It’s not just Texas that’s feeling the love for Dirk, check out why this German guy thinks Dirk is awesome. [youtube]7yR9KwFpCvU[/youtube]