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8 Things That Will Definitely Happen In Tonight’s NCAA Championship Game

1. Anthony Davis’ unibrow will become sentient and block a shot. Then it will kill itself and the world will be shocked to find out that Anthony Davis is actually not a bad lookin guy. 2. Every Thomas Robinson dunk will be accompanied by an increasingly badass screams until one shatters the glass. 3. The […]

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BIG news:FREE shows near you.

The first days of April promise to bring to great free shows near you. On Friday April 1st  theres the return of Sublime to Houston for the FREE final four concert! Yes thats right What I Got, Sateria, Wrong Way, best ska cd ever made Sublime. Ok not really because “Originally Sublime singer Bradley Nowell […]

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NCAA March Madness is Here!!!

Championship weekend is over, and the Brackets are set.  How will you do this year?  Did you pay attention to which conferences were the strongest? Do you know who the best teams are historically?  Do you pick based on the colors of the uniforms? Or Do you make your picks based on which mascot would […]