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Watch: Mariah’s Crazy HSN Appearance

Mariah Caery spent 2 hours on the Home Shopping Network this past Sunday.  She was selling her fragrances and jewelry, but no one cares about that.  What we DO care about is how crazy/out-of-it/irritating she seemed throughout the entire performance. has been kind enough to chop the 2 hours down to 4 minutes of highlights.  [youtube]Am7fOLdZL2s&feature[/youtube]

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Nick Cannon- the baby daddy?

Less than a week after his kids were born, Nick Cannon was spotted walking around town: I can’t help but to hope that this is exactly what my dad looked like when he was a brand new daddy. I mean, being on the radio every morning gives him the “excuse” to be a d-bag more […]

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Mariah and Nick announce the names of their twins!

Mariah and Nick have been trying to drop hints and teases on their babies’ names all week, but now they’ve finally told the world the news! After insisting that they wouldn’t pick “weird celebrity names,” we’re not sure if they accomplished that. Monroe is the girl’s name, after Marilyn, and Moroccan is named after a […]

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Mariah’s Dogs get Therapy

Mariah Carey has reportedly brought her dogs to a pet psychologist to prepare for the arrival of her twins.  Sources say Mariah is worried about the psychological impact that the twins’ birth will have on the pets she and husband Nick Cannon share. Experts say that the four Jack Russell terriers — JJ, Cha-Cha, Dolomite […]