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Nicki Minaj To Join Madonna @ Super Bowl

Nicki Minaj confirmed last night via Twitter, that she will be performing alongside Madonna at the Super Bowl! 

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Willow Smith/Nicki Minaj Tease “Fireball” Video

If you loved “Whip My Hair,” get ready for your new ringtone.

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Nicki Minaj’s Dream Finally Realized

..Take that Heidi Montag.

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Nicki Minaj vs Cher

Two divas, an army of fans, and a fight.. all in under 140 characters.


AMA Awards: Highlights

Nicki Minaj started off the show with an electrifying (literally) performance of her new song with an outfit that plugged into David Guetta’s equipment. I would say it wasn’t nearly as crazy as I expected it to be, though it did have speakers on her super bass.. pictures of that soon.   To say other […]