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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Biggie inspired lacrosse announcer

What’s the best thing to start quoting when someone scores a lacrosse goal?! A Notorious BIG song, of course. [youtube]5ofmtkA1XTk[/youtube] I mean… lacrosse, though?! Does it get ANY whiter?!

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Notorious BIG mash-ups to remember him on Biggie Day

Today is #BiggieDay, the anniversary of Notorious BIG’s death. It was 14 years ago! Wow. Let’s celebrate with some great mash-ups of his music. [youtube]Ss8rUpt__Q4[/youtube] [youtube]hn4xtJNQV2A[/youtube] [youtube]I_GC9sSzIzs[/youtube] For more, click here! RIP BIGGIE! We miss you in the music world!