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Ryan Lochte Cuddles with a sweet rescue puppy

Olympic gold medalist, Ryan Lochte, got to cuddle up with a sweet, lap size rescue dog named Woody on Access Hollywood Live This morning. Here’s the story and Photo: Ladies, do you honestly like a sensitive guy who will openly “cuddle up close” with his small poochie and pose for the camera??? AWHH OR NAHHH

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PICS: Synchronized Swimming Faces are TERRIFYING

I like how Buzzfeed subtitled this, “an aquatic ballet of horror.” I feel kinda bad saying it, but these are hilarious. Check out the full gallery here.

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PICS: Michael Phelps Parties with his Gold Medals

Will my GOLD buy these shots??


The Saddest Story of the Olympics – You Didn’t See

“Monday, in the women’s fencing epee semifinal match between Britta Heidemann of Germany and Shin A Lam of South Korea, Lam led with one second left on the clock. All she had to do was not be touched in that one second and she would be advancing to the gold medal match. Unfortunately for Shin, […]

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Olympic Officials Allegedly Rang Up a $70,000 Restaurant Tab

This GIANT receipt, with its grand total of £44,660 — about $70,000 —was posted online with the headline “My friend’s a waiter and this is a receipt for an official lunch for 15 Olympic Bosses. Now we see where all the money’s going…” [From Gawker] based on the menu — which features, like the receipt, a £19,000 […]