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I’m not a Drag Queen… I just like a good pair of heels!

It’s the final night for me on the Night Rush! I love you BCS! Thanks for letting me be part of your life! You’ve been a HUGE part of mine. It’s been truly amazing to have lived in this wonderful community for the last year and a half. Thank you for your emails too. One […]

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Email Help: I Can’t Get Him Out of His Shell

You can always email me,, with anything going on in your life. Maybe see if the B/CS can help out. I received this from Patty. Her brother needs to get a social life! Hi Jeremy! My brother is about 28 years old and he still lives at home with our parents.  He never leaves the house and […]

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Family Sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” On The Way To School

This family apparently does this every morning! Congrats Dad for being an awesome parent. Teach them while they’re young, genius!!! Queen is always a good choice. When it wasn’t the bus, I remember listening to a lot of Chicago and The Eagles when my dad would drop me off at school. WHAT DID YOUR PARENTS […]