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PIC: Nicki Minaj Unveils Perfume Bottle – Tacky and Cheap?

All day I’ve been reading about how tacky and cheap this perfume bottle looks. I wanted to like it.. But sadly, it doesn’t meet any of my expectations. What do you think?

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s black tar-like “Fame” Perfume Trailer

“expensive hooker”

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PIC: Lady Gaga’s Perfume Ad – WEIRD AND BUSTED?

I guess I should say weird in terms of Gaga.. which should tell you how bizarre this picture is. It’s the first ad for her new perfume, “Fame.” She’s totally naked except for a few strategically placed men.. or I’m guessing “little monsters?” That’s fitting.. because it looks like she’s covered in those little demons […]

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Rihanna is hotter than ever

For a while, Rihanna had definitely fallen off my “hottest celebs and girls I’d totally love to look at” list, but she’s back on it. Especially when she’s looking like this! I mean, DANG GURL! Her body is perfect. Her hair is gorgeous. She’s gorgeous. ….and I’m clearly having a lesbian moment. Anyway, this was […]

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Lady Gaga’s new perfume is inspired by body fluids

Lady Gaga is weird. There’s not a single person in the world who can even begin to try to tell me otherwise. More proof: Her inspiration for her new scent is “blood and semen.” WHAT! Sex. And blood. Because that’s what people like to smell like all the time, right?! Apparently she does, and you […]