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Dumb Luxury Items for Pets

Dumb as a Blog put together a list of the dumbest luxury items that you can buy for your pampered puppy.  Here’s a few of our favorites…  Dog Mink Coat: $45  Doggie Bridal Gown: $125 Doggie Feather Hair Extensions: $25 Doggie Diamond Collar: $150,000 Doggie Testicle Implants — “Neuticles”  Yes, this is a real thing.  […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Tablet games… for your CAT!

I never thought I’d get an iPad, or any kind of tablet, but now I’m reconsidering! If I can get two for the price of one [meaning one toy that will entertain Slutty Cat AND me], COUNT ME IN! Check out Friskies’ new treats for kitties: [youtube]vaif2uq_0Vc[/youtube] Only thing is… I guess you’ll need to […]

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VIDEOS OF THE DAY: A puppy, a sloth, and an otter

What’s cooler than your average dog who plays a mean game of fetch?  A dog who catches. [youtube]Z725kzkp7d8[/youtube] A three toed sloth trying to cross the road… And you thought old ladies took forever… [youtube]ES32UFlPOUA[/youtube] Hey Mr. Otter… pick on someone your own size! [youtube]oF9QjAomzeI[/youtube] (But seriously… I want a pet otter… like… bad.)

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VIDEO #2 OF THE DAY: Talking dog gets teased

This. Is. SO. GOOD!!! I thought our talking babies was good but now I’m second guessing it. [youtube]nGeKSiCQkPw[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Baby laughs hysterically at dog

Just another baby laughing hysterically at something so simple… I challenge you not to laugh. [youtube]gnagemulucw[/youtube]