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The Creepiest family Photos

Has anyone ever said to you that “you look an awful lot like your mother/father??” In a new approach to taking family photos, one artist by the name of Ulric Collette is taking this literally! It’s super creepy, yet very interesting. [From] Artist Ulric Collette’s spliced family portraits affirm that it’s not your imagination. Looking […]

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11 categories of pictures you take… Men vs. Women!

What guys typically take pictures of ARE way different then the same of a woman. Babies, hair cuts, the beach are just a few! What’s captured in the photo is what separates men from women… See what I’m talking about —


PHOTOS: Celebrities before they were famous

When you look at celebs, you might think they’re perfect, especially if you’re a fan. Truth is: They weren’t always so cool. Everyone has their “nerdy days,” and thanks to the Internet we can see what these cool kids were like long before they were cool. Updated 4/5/11 [galleryview id=3]