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Nicki Minaj declares fridging is the new planking (and here I thought it was batmanning). Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds… only as you can see, more stupid. Depending on what kind of cheap college fridge you have, I wouldn’t avise trying this. Unless of course you have a mini fridge, then by all means, knock […]

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Video: Is “Batman-ing” the new “planking”?

First there was planking…then owling…then horse-manning.  Now we have the latest internet photo craze: Batman-ing.  Basically, you hang upsidedown from your feet on anything that you can.  This looks highly unsafe, so participate at your own risk.  Or…just watch these guys!  

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The day planking died thanks to Hef

Okay… I thought planking died when Richard Simmons did it, but I was wrong. When a man planks on his table and honestly looks dead, I think that’s when it’s over. Hello Hugh Hefner. I’m sorry you have no girls to be playing with right now, but planking is not something you should be doing.. […]

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Plankin in the Office

So planking is the latest thing to do in social media. I decided to take it to the next level one day around the Candy studio and office. Check it out!

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Wiz Khalifa goes planking

It’s ALL THE RAGE these days! Laying flat on your stomach, arms by your sides, and a blank stare… Take a picture and BAM. You just planked. Wiz Khalifa decided to spend his day off planking around town, just like all the cool kids. Source: His Tumblr.