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Dear followers and random friends of Candy 95 intern sorry I havent posted in awhile. Today is my last day and therefore my last post but you can follow me on tumblr, music stalk me on lastfm, or tweet me on Twitter. Im not very good at goodbyes so Ill say my farewells in the […]

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My Final Guide to SXSW

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for my top picks for parties complete with showtimes, bands, general party info, etc. I initially made this to share with my friends but I suppose we are all friends here. If you follow this schedule I guarantee happy fun times and you should definitely come find me. (All of […]

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Love Stinks Playlist

In honor of the Candy 95 Love Stinks Ball I have decided to make a playlist. These are my top 10 picks for mostly empowering, somewhat mean, make you happy to be single not-love songs. 1. Noah and the Whale – 2 Atoms in a Molecule [youtube]VN9oRA86qrA[/youtube] 2. Hailey Wojcik – Anglerfish [youtube]UKlCxdusmyY[/youtube] 3. Gives You […]