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Average Costs For Prom At $1K!?

At hard times with the economy families are trying to save money right?  Apparently not for the high school ball known as prom.  According to a new report, the average family will spill $1,078 on that big day!  WOAH!  I definitely did not spend even half that.  Then again I don’t wear dresses.  Does this […]

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Jessica Alba’s prom picture!

Some celebs were awkward and not so cute in high school…. Jessica Alba is not one of those celebs. Look how cute she is!

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Watch/Listen: Raini and Rico Rodriguez in studio

Bryan, TX natives Raini and Rico Rodriguez stopped in the studios today to talk to Elizabethany about Raini’s upcoming Disney movie, “Prom!” It’s premiering this Friday, April 29, and Raini is hosting her own meet-and-greet premiere at Premiere Cinemas in Bryan! She’ll be there starting at 7:30 to sign free movie posters, and the movie […]

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9 types of girls at prom

It’s Prom season! These are the 9 types of girls you’re bound to see at the dance: 1. The Good Girl She’s got a gorgeous dress that doesn’t show too much skin, and probably went with her best friend. 2. Daddy’s Princess She’s practically a beauty queen with the most expensive dress there and thinks […]

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Snooki’s prom pic

A new Disney movie all about prom [and starring Bryan's own Raini Rodriguez!!!] is using celebs to promote it by having them post pictures of them at prom. Yesterday Snooki tweeted out her picture, where she looks pretty freakin’ gorgeous. Dang. I’ve gained a little weight since high school, and I think everyone has, but […]